Feminist Theory and Imperialism Syllabus!

Frances Hasso and Anna Krylova conceptualized and are leading this graduate/postgraduate seminar at Duke in Fall 2022. Attached is the latest version, open access. We consider this syllabus a vernacular version shaped by our inclinations. We invite interested people to create their own versions for independent study, group education, or formal classes. We are teaching sources in English but this is not necessary for fantastic reading lists. Please email fsh5@duke.edu and anna.krylova@duke.edu if you have questions.

Décima Semana Árabe en México

November 22, 2019 Keynote Lecture: Contraception and Induced Abortion in Historic Palestine in Law and Practice at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México. Organized by Dra. Camila Pastor, Dra. Indira Sánchez, and Miguel Fuentes Carreño. https://www.cide.edu/semanaarabe/programa/

November 23, 2019 Master Class on Feminist Methodologies and Theories at Alianza Francesa de Polanco, Mexico City. Arab Week in Mexico.